Sunday, December 3, 2017

Passive Income Streams November 2017

It's my favorite time of the month again, time for another passive income update!  Our passive income streams saw healthy growth in November 2017.  While total investment passive income continued to rise, the main culprit for our increasing stream is the incredible growth of our cryptocurrency mining operation.  Let's break it down:

Investing:  Our monthly passive income from investing increased 4% to $541.73 per month.  This is from Mr. DebtFree's continued investment in both tax free and taxable accounts.  Ms. DebtFree's passive income slightly dropped during the month of November in order to take a huge bite out of her student loans.

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin has continued its insane rise throughout November.  While I did not increase my mining capacity, income from mining increased 102% due to price increases in the value of the currency.  My bitcoin holdings are now valued at ~ $13,000 dollars after selling off ~$2,000 in the past few years.  Not too bad for an investment of $50 about 6 years ago.

Blogging:  I have still not monetized this blog.  I have plans to build a separate referral tab which will link to products and services that we use or find extremely useful in our personal lives.  This will allow readers to conscientiously use that tab and any referral link without having products/advertisements or services forced upon them.  The goal of this blog is still to help people who are in debt or interested in financial independence with content and transparency in our journey such that our readers can follow our method's to become debt free or financially independent themselves.  Frankly, I want to motivate people, not milk them for money.

Real Estate:  We are still not utilizing the extra rooms in our house to "house hack" for extra income.  While we have considered this option in the past, I am happy we have not gone this route.  With Ms. DebtFree working full time night shift, it is challenging enough for me to slink around the house quietly while she sleeps without waking her.  I do not see us bringing in roommates any time soon unless both of our schedules were consistently day shift.  If we were to move in the future I would hold on to our current house as a rental and use it to generate passive income for this category.  The house currently costs $915 per month for our mortgage/taxes/insurance.  It would instantly rent out in this area at $1500+ monthly which would provide a small passive income after property management/upkeep.

Overall we saw an increase in passive income from $561.61 to $603.72, an increase of 7.5% 

Our goal passive income is $3,300 per month.  After November 2017 we are 18.2% of the way to our goal.

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