Saturday, November 3, 2018

Long Time no See

Hello friends, its been awhile!  It's time to stop hiding and return to the world of financial freedom blogging.  While I have a few ideas bumbling around in the back of my head for blog posts I will keep this one short and sweet and fill you all in on a few major life events that have happened this year. 
  1. I was seriously injured in February while exercising.  I dislocated my right shoulder and suffered significant internal damage requiring surgical repair.  While out of commission and recovering from surgery, inactivity led to depression and I found it difficult to stay motivated. I am glad to say I finished up physical therapy in August and am now slowly working my way back into the gym.  While the process was tough it was a good reminder to not take health for granted.  Oh, and a good reminder about how essential health insurance is!
  2. During these recovery months I am sad to say I fell a little bit off the savings bandwagon.  I allowed myself to splurge on things that I thought would increase my happiness.  In the end this was a failed exercise and it reaffirmed that it is not money that makes me happy.
  3. I am excited to say I am back to budgeting/saving money and will be using this blog as a way to document our journey to financial freedom.
  4. I received a promotion in July to an Engineering Management position.  I can honestly say that I miss my old position and getting to solve technical problems/manage my own projects.  On the flip side managing people is a new and challenging puzzle.  I also genuinely like all of the people that work for me, and seeing them succeed brings me great personal pleasure.  My base salary increased from $85,000 to $95,000 per year and I am required to work significantly less overtime.  I did however lose time and a half pay for overtime which will decrease my total earnings slightly this year.
  5. Mortgage debt has decreased from $126,000 to $118,000 since the injury in February.  
  6. Ms. DebtFree has been crushing her student loans, I will let her fill you in on this exciting story in a future blog post.
I am excited to be back on the right track and looking forward to sharing our path to freedom from debt with you.  Thank you for stopping by!

Mr. DebtFree out.