Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Portfolio Update: November 2017 pt. 1

Mr. DebtFree stopping in for a quick portfolio update.  I have decided to include all of my holdings in the portfolio page to provide full transparency on where  I am at on my journey to financial independence.  After all, this blog covers two separate stories, one of debt repayment and how Ms. DebtFree is working towards paying off her $95,000 in student loans and another of how I plan on being financially independent by the age of 40 (7.5 years to go). So without further ado, here is Mr. DebtFree's portfolio! 

While the market has fallen the last few days, pushing me below the $150,000 mark, I was able to make a purchase this month of 11 shares of VTI.  I am always happy to add more VTI to the portfolio and I consider it the baseline that I compare all other investments to.  With the recent market movements I am now closely considering adding to my VZ(Verizon) position, or buying into T (At&t) when I am able to add funds to my Roth IRA shortly.  I like to hold these high yield dividend stocks in my Roth IRA while I hold most of the low dividend etfs in my taxable vanguard account. 

That's it for the first purchase of this month, I look forward to purchase number two, coming soon!

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