Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our First Month of Blogging!

Our first month of blogging comes to an end tomorrow, here are some of the highlights, lessons learned and goals for month number two!  The purpose of this post is transparency, I want everyone to see how we are growing/succeeding or failing at this venture while in the meantime enjoying every second.

 Highlights/Lessons Learned:

  • We had visitors!  Our number of new visitors is slowly trending upwards, we received 423 page views for the month of October.
  • Our twitter account grew from 0 to 195 followers in October.  (Thank you Twitter friends!)
  • Our blog earned a total of $0.00.  I don't expect this number to change for a long time but I want to report on it monthly to figure out if or when it does!
  • We started a Facebook page.  It currently has 0 followers.
  • We started an Instagram account.  It also currently has 0 followers.  ( I don't fully understand Instagram yet but Ms. DebtFree loves it!)
  • Signing up with Rockstar Finance was a smart move and has provided our second biggest source of traffic.
  • I tested out Amazon's affiliate program and got a whopping 5 click-throughs on this post.  The purpose of this is to better understand how the affiliate thing works as I am a total newbie in this arena.  

Goals for Month Number Two:

  • Grow Twitter to over 300 followers
  • Gain at least one Facebook follow
  • Get an Instagram friend.
  • Get at least one comment on the Blog that isn't from me or Ms. DebtFree.
  • Keep improving, having fun, and writing.
This first month of blogging has been a real joy to both me and Ms. DebtFree.  The purpose of this blog was not to get rich or famous but to instead hold us accountable and keep us actively engaged in our journey to becoming debt free.  In the process of writing and growing this blog we have discovered a community of like minded people across the globe who are inspiring us every single day and that support and guidance is invaluable.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the FIRE/PF community and we hope that month number two is as fun as month number one.

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